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So I’ve been reading through a couple posts and have seen that some other Pix4D users are running 5 projects at a time and have them all done in under an hour… if you have that type of machine, I’d like to know what you have in your computer. I am running projects with about 1,000 - 5,000 images. Id like to know what can speed up my computer, what parts are worth upgrading and what I should get. thank you. One project in particular with 4,400 images was taking longer than two weeks and that’s just too long! thanks in advance.

Hi Victor,

It’s good to see you around.

Could you please submit a ticket to Pix4D Support and we will analyse the bottleneck you are experiencing and investigate what we can do about that. Please remember to add as an attachment your machine spec:

  1. Click the Windows Start icon and type System Information. Select the application in the list above.
  2. In the application, click File > Save… and export the content.
  3. Attach the file your_file.nfo to the reply.
    (and all the necessary files; Quality Report, log, .p4d file of the project)

What I can also suggest to you is to try Puget Systems Benchmark Tool for Pix4Dand share with us the results you got. 

At the same time, the users can comment here what hardware they are using with Pix4Dmapper. 

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I can provide you with observations from what we have seen but can’t make any guarantee about performance relative to other builds. In general, the most important component is the CPU. The CPU impacts the processing speed of all three steps significantly. The GPU has the most impact on step 1. If you have a set budget and you want to get the most value out of your build You should usually prioritize getting a better CPU and get a GPU that is used primarily for visualization. You can always upgrade the GPU down the road. 

Generally, running multiple projects side by side only provides significant reductions in overall processing time when you have a system with more than 1 CPU. Otherwise, they are just all running slower as they compete for resources on the same CPU. The CPU model you have performs pretty well in general. If you are looking to build a system based on another CPU then you can consider upgrading to the i9 line from Intel. Specifically, the i9 9900K has shown to provide good value as often can outperform the 7280X at a lower cost. If you want to invest a bit more into the CPU you can consider something like the i9-7940X or i9-7980XE, both perform well in high-end systems and are a relatively good value.

For your current system and project needs, I would recommend 32 to 64 gigs of RAM so that you are not bottlenecked on the large projects.

You can also consider upgrading your GPU.  The GTX 1070 ti can provide a modest decrease in overall processing time for the money. 

Check out the link below if you haven’t already.

Hardware and Pix4D