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Best computer for time reduction.


I work collecting aerial images and our current computer could be better to process (render) the 3d mosaic image in pix4d in a suitable time (typically 2 hrs - 5 hrs) depending of the amount of images (at least 2000 imgs)…we need to reduce this time as much as possible.

Our system specs:
Intel Xeon E5-2690
112 GB RAM
512 HDD
2x NVIDIA Tesla M60 - 16 GB

What would you recommend me to reduce time? change disk storage to SSD? Increase Ram? Increase GPU? More cores for my CPU?

Buy a new workstation. Don’t waste money on an outdated system like you have. Puget Systems just did a webinar that discussed hardware recommendations for Pix4D. It’s very helpful:
Puget Systems - How To Choose The Right Hardware For Pix4D


Thank you!! It was very helpful. I will get in contact with Puget Systems.

You’re welcome. William George from Puget is very knowledgeable. He’s actually helping me benchmark a larger map project. I sent him a project with ~2,000 42mp images. He’s testing on the newest AMD and intel high-end desktop processors. The new AMD threadripper is definitely the processor to get for Pix4D.

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I agree with @Andrew_Milanes, Puget Systems can really help you in that matter!

However, before you contact Puget, we recommend defining your needs in detail. Our article Hardware and Pix4D should help you do so. Besides the webinar also check Puget’s documentation Puget Systems on Pix4D.