Old Version to new version


I am currently use pix4dmapper version 4.6.4.

  1. May I know the different between 4.6.4 version to new version.
  2. How to update my license to the new version.

Thank you

Hi @pierreyaik ,

Welcome to our community!

You can check the difference between v.4.6.4 to the later versions here: PIX4Dmapper technical release notes.

To be able to download and use the later versions, you will need to renew your Support and Upgrades. Support will allow you to send us support tickets when you have any technical issues. Upgrades allow you to use the latest version.

For more information: How to renew Support and Upgrades - PIX4Dmapper

If you are unable to renew Support and Upgrades for some reason, please contact our sales team: Talk to Sales

Best regards,
Rosana (she/her)