Linux dependency failure on (trying to) install

I’m trying to install Desktop v. 4.0.21 on Ubuntu 16.04 and I’m getting a ‘qt56base dependency is not satisfiable’. I have qt5.6, 5.6.3, and 5.9.1 installed. There are very few references on a google search and none of them helpful about what is qtbase56. Please advise. Thanks! 

I didn’t think the desktop version was compatible with any Linux flavor…but I could be wrong.

From the download page:

specifications:  Windows 64bit / 7, 8, 10, Server

Wine maybe?

@Christopher: We’ve put together a new article to cover the subject:

@Adam: The Linux version is available for users with a Pix4Dengine license. This is typically used to install it on a server.