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Trouble importing RGB ortho with GCPs from Mapper to use as basemap in Fields

I have been exploring ways to increase accuracy for researchers by bringing in a RGB orthomosaic with GCPs that I processed in Mapper to use as a basemap. I haven’t had success importing any map into Fields yet. Question, does Fields allow for a RGB orthomosaic map to be uploaded AND then to have multispectral images to be added for the NDVI? Thanks.

Pix4DFields does allow to import geotiffs (RGB orthomosaic). You can then add multispectral iamegs for processing as well to generate indices.

Can you let us know if that is not working? Do you get any error?

I have tried a number times on different projects of different size and always get the “this file is in use. Enter a new name or close the file in the other program”. Am I missing a step?

Did you try importing when you had already imported in some other program like QGIS? Or while opening the mosaic editor in Pix4DMapper? Can you try closing all the softwares, windows photo viewer (if you have it open) and try again?

So, I closed everything and still get the message. I even made sure the file was on the same HDD and still got the message. However, I if I kept clicking the open after the message it would actually load it after 3-5 clicks. It works but it does seem like there is a bug there.


Thanks for reporting this to us. We would really appreciate it if you can share with us the file that you are trying to import into Pix4Dfields. (You can share it as an internal ticket for us or here in the community. Please choose the best solution for you). With this information, we can troubleshoot better, and in case it is a bug, we will work on this as soon as possible.