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Orthomosaic Color in GIS


When I am exporting my Ortho images from Pix4d and putting them into GIS, I never am able to obtain a color band. I seem to be stuck in grayscale or with the preset GIS color ramps.

Can you please help explain what I am doing wrong in getting the orthomosaic to export with color and/or viewing the orthomosaic in GIS with the color?

Thank you

Hi Jacob,

May I ask if you are putting the images you captured or the orthomosaic generated with PIX4Dmapper?
Can you share with us the quality report and your orthomosaic (GeoTIFF)?


LL Monthly Sept_report.pdf (2.6 MB)
Hello Nikoleta,

I am uploading the ortho generated by Pix into GIS. I have uploaded the quality report to this thread. The geotiff seems to be too large and keeps failing to upload.

thanks for the help


Thank you for sharing with us the quality report.
I noticed that the GCPnamed mtp1 has a very large error.
Can you please delete it and select Menu Process > Reoptimize – Support? Afterwards you will have to process again steps 2 and 3.

Regarding the size of the orthomosaic you are importing have in mind that you can import the tiles of the orthomosaic one by one in GIS instead of the whole orthomosaic. You can find the tiles under this path: …\3_dsm_ortho\2_mosaic\tiles

May I ask also what is the exact software you are using? Is it QGIS, ArcGIS, etc.?
Can you please upload the orthomosaic and the tiles after you copress/zip them, on our OneDrive?

Please let me know when files are uploaded.