How to create an RGB Orthomosaic from Multispectral

I know in Metashape you can export an RGB Orthomosaic from images taken from a multi-spectral camera just by choosing to output the Red, Green and Blue Channels. Can that be done in Pix4D so you don’t have to use images from a normal RGB camera to generate a normal RGB Ortho? On Metashape it’s basically using what is called “False Colors” so you basically say use Red to represent the red channel images, Green to represent the green channel and so forth and it comes out pretty close to an RGB camera output - sometimes you need to adjust the darkness/lightness to make it look better.

Hi Jeff,
Yes, both PIX4Dfields and PIX4Dmapper can create an RGB image from the multispectral camera. It will automatically generate the RGB orthomosaic.

This can then be exported or shared to the cloud using PIX4Dfields.

I don’t believe that is correct. Selecting the Othomosaic output option in Pix4DMapper with multispectral source images only generated orthomosaics for each discrete band. When I refer to RGB othomosaic, that is, a normal RGB photo image, which has Red, Green, and Blue channels combined.


My apologies. You are correct that Mapper does not generate an RGB orthomosaic. However Fields does generate the RGB orthomosaic.