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RGB mosaic from 5-band camera

I am processing 5-band multispetral images in Pix4D, is there a way to generate RGB orthomosaic? I only see options to generate DSM and index maps

Hey Rami,

It is possible to get a RGB orthomosaic by blending the correct bands.

You might find the following video useful. Keep in mind that is a third party software, so we have not tested it yet:

In case you are using SAGA gis, you can also give a try to create an RGB Composite in SAGA by following the instruction here:


Best Regards, 

I am unable to view YouTube videos at work. Could someone please advise what third party software is used and/or how I can create the RGB mosaic from 5-band MicaSense imagery?


Also, why is this not an inherent capability of Pix4D? Surely it would be a standard requirement?



Hello Joel,

You could try to make create the RGB composite in QGIS for example. 

This idea is interesting and we will pass your query as suggestion to the product management team so they can study it and see for future releases.

Best Regards, 

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