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transfert from Windows to MacOs

Hi every one,

First, sorry for my poor english. 

A friend generated a Pix4Dmapper project on his PC working under Windows 10.

He send me this project to improve it with my Mac Os (High Sierra).

But, when trying to open the project on my Mac, I get the error below (translated from french) :

“Opening project XXXXXX impossible. Project version is more recent  than software version”

The software version on Windows is 4.1.25 and on Mac Os 3.0.18, which are the latest versions of Pix4Dmapper.

Has anyone some idea to fix this ?

Thanks in advance


Hello Richard, 

Since the project is created with a newer version of the software, then it will not be possible to open it with an older version (i.e. 3.0.18) since the project files (.p4d) are not retro-compatible. In this case, you will need to create a new project. 

To benefit from the latest features and updates, I would recommend installing Pix4D software on Windows using Bootcamp. 

Best regards,