Tie points disappeared

Hey all,

I am new to PIX4Dmapper. So sorry if this is very basic.

Why do I see nothing in the rayCloud view?

I added the photos. I did the initial processing. The tie points appeared. Then I clicked something in the View panel, and the tie points disappeared. And I cannot get them back. I restarted the software, and rerun the Initial processing. The layer is turned on.

Hi abel_rozsas,

What coordinate system is the GCPS in? Would you be able to attach the quality report for a more in-depth look?

I’ve seen this happen when the GCPs are in an arbitrary coordinate system. The GCPs will show up in a different location than your photos. You will need to mark them before they will match up together. Follow the step by step in this article: How to compute the site calibration for GCPs in an Arbitrary Coodinate System in Pix4Dmapper

Hello Yoko,

Thanks for your email.

It seems that I input the GCP data in the wrong coordinate system. So the photos were located in Europe and the GCPs in Africa.

Thanks for your help.


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