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GCP Issue

Hi friends,
Every time I input the GCPs in the Pix4D, it comes out as if the points are off the raycould layout. Any suggestions on how to solve this? I’m also pasting the screenshot of the GCPs in blue cross to my area interest.
Thank you and I look forward to hearing some of your advises.

You have the Lat & Long backwards. Or your Northing & Easting are backwards.

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Thanks Tommy, I’m still having the same problem after adjusting my lat and long. Also when i do that the images that are supposed to be tied on the right panel aren’t showing…i wonder if i did something wrong with my first step (i.e. coordinate system etc.). Look forward to hearing some advise from you.



We are going to need some more information on this project.

  1. Are the pictures geotag? If so, what coordinate system? If your drone geotag the pictures, it should be WGS84.

  2. How did you get the GCP’s (ground control points)? From a surveyor? If so, the surveyor can tell you what coordinate system they where shot in.

Can you show us your quality report from step 1?




Hi Tommy,

Thanks for your prompt response.

We used a Phantom 4 to do our aerial mapping. Yes, they are in WGS84.

The GCPs were acquired by a surveyor. I’m attaching the initial report as per your request. Let me know if that’s what you are looking for.

Kind regards,

more screenshots from the pending error:

Hi Benedict,


It seems that one of your GCP’s is located outside of the working area. More precisely the project location is the red bullet on your map, and the GCP is the blue cross. 

This may happen if the coordinate system or the values of the coordinates itself are not well defined. 

Could you post a screenshot of your GCP’s editor where I could see the coordinates?