GCPs incorrect position on 2Dmap

Hi guys,
I’m newbie on this software but not in aerophotogrammetry technique. Switch to Pix4Dmapper for my elaboration I have a big problem with GNSS GCPs.
I’m in Italy and we use the EPSG 6708 (like E,N,Z, 435059.338606;4531401.866194;13.908;) due to law of 2011 for public project. My rover catch in 6708 UTM other than 4326 WGS84 geographical. I correct the False Est +500 Km and reduce to 0, but when I importing the GCPs they shows in incorrect position. I don’t know how to resolve.

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Ciao Diego,

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Do you confirm that the images (red dots) are located in the correct position while the Ground Control Points (GCPs, blue crosses) are in the wrong position?
Make sure that you set the correct coordinate system in Menu Project > GCP/MTP Manager > GCP Coordinate system. Make sure that during the import of the GCP you set correctly the order of the axis (X, Y, Z or Y, X, Z).
If you want to send us your quality report and your GCPs, feel free to open a support ticket with us.
Note: if needed, you can have a different coordinate system for GCPs and for your output, allowing you to work with another coordinate system than EPSG 6708 for your GCPs and select EPSG 6708 only for your outputs.

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Ciao Daniele, I’m Simone.
Yes, red dots are images acquired in Pozzuoli, blu dots are GPC catched with GNSS in EPSG6708 format (due to GNSS net of Campania). Inside the rover coordinates was acquired with False Est 500 km, reduce to 0 in post-production. Obviusly the GNSS coordinates are correctly read from a topographical software.

Ciao Simone,

Thank you for the additional information.
Could it be possible for you to send me a couple of images and your GCPs?
If you don’t want to share your data in the Pix4D Community, feel free to open a support ticket with us and mention my name.

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