Keep getting w0024 warning (GCP far from images) when using correct coordinate and file structure is correct

  Tim Durham Today at 08:55

I am continuing to get an error message when importing GCP’s into the project. I have set the default WGS84 coordinate selected for everything but still getting the error.  I input the GCP coordinates in Google Earth and the image showes they are within the flight area.  The columns are correct (not reversed).  I have checked and checked and can’t figure this one out.

I have upload to dropbox 
Photo files from Phantom 4 Pro 
Geotag file for the 146 photos 
Geotag file for GCP’s. (1 GCP and 2 checkpoints) 
Screenshots of my settings and error messge. 
Screenshot of GCP’s on Google Earth so that you can see they are in fact located within the flight path of the images.

If anyone has any ideas please let me know.

GCP locations

Hi Tim,
The error is due to the wrong coordinate system of GCPs that you are using at the beginning of initial processing. The coordinates that you have uploaded have units in angle whereas the unit that is required is in the meter as shown in the figure below for the given coordinate system. That is why your coordinates are far from the actual location. 

The way to fix it is to change your coordinate system to WGS 84 as shown in the figure below.  I have tried that on my computer, and the screenshots are attached below.

Thank you very much!  I meant to sign in and let you know that solved it.  I am sorry that I missed that detail!  I started importing the GCP’s instead of manually entering them.  Have a great week!




Hi, I also am getting the same issue.

I have checked the m or degrees issue and it seems fine.

I have checked with my EMLID and the co-ordinates are in EPSG 4326 which i have placed as the GCP co-ordinate system.

I am unsure what else to do


Is there a possibility the sequence of Lat and Long is not correct?
Can you try reversing them?
Can you also share with us the GCP file?


Can you upload some of the images (at least 10-50 that are together) and a GCP coordinate that falls within those images? Google Drive would be good. I will import the small set of images along with the GCP in Pix4D and Zephyr to compare the results.

I have made sure my coordinate system is
Datum: WGS 1984
Coordinate Sys: WGS 84

My X & Y columns remain in (m) they do not change to (degrees)

Hi @dterrazas,

could you please send me a screenshot of the GCP/MTP Manager window?
You can open it using the image button

It should look like this:

If the columns are still in [m], try to remove all the points from the table and then change the coordinate system again. Click OK to save the changes.