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W0024 error


I am currently trying to import some GCPs, but I keep getting the error ‘Warning w0024: One or more GCPs lie far outside the area covered by the images. Check if the correct GCP file and coordinate system are selected’

I have checked the coordinates and these are right, as when I put them into grid reference they show up where they should. In Pix4D they are showing up off the coast of Africa.

The coordinate system could possibly be wrong, i used a trimble geo7x to take the points using GPS. i currently have the coordinate system set as WGS 84 / UTM zone 30N (EGM 96 Geoid), but i thought this was right.

Can anyone solve this problem?

Hi, You would need to know the correct GCP coordinate system (in which the GCPs were measured). If you do not know the GCP coordinate system, I would recommend doing some trial and error with

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