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thermal camera settings during flight

I have a mission to complete an orthomosaic map using my parrot anafi thermal drone.
The guidelines are to conduct the flight 30 minutes before sunset.

question 1:
how do i make sure the thermal camera is enabled during my flight

question 2:
the pictures will be uploaded to pix4d automatically or i need to transfer them from the parrot card to my computer for instance


Hi Howdy,

If a Non-DJI camera is mounted on DJI drones, Pix4Dcapture will not be able to trigger the camera. Making it work will rely on the fact that a timelapse can be set in this custom camera. A specific functionality has been developed on iOS to keep the right overlap up to the camera specifications. More information here.

Hence, the images are saved on the SD card of your camera. You can’t directly upload it to the Pix4D cloud. For more information about processing the thermal images, I would recommend you to go through our support article on Processing thermal images.


thanks Kapil

I will be using a Parrot drone (so technically non DJI)

But PIX4D is compatible with Parrot - correct?