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Pix4Dcapture not loading mission on Parrot ANAFI

I’m using the pix4dcapture for mission planning on the Anafi thermal drone. t’s not loading the mission, the other checkpoints are green and only the mission uploaded to drone is displaying with a circle around an I.

ANAFI- on off, reset drone, recalibrate drone, waiting for >15 minutes for mission to load.

Controller on off, recalibrated, reset.

IOS reset mission, uninstall reinstall, new cable.


Pix4dcapture 5.12.1(1)
ANAFI Thermal 1.6.8
FreeFlight6 6.6.9

Edit: I know that the drone needs calibration in the photo included. I have gone through these steps several times with and without completing calibration without any success. I am able to fly a DJI MAVIC Pro using pix4dcapture without incident.

Thanks for any constructive advice!

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