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Parrot Thermal images curved in pix4d

Hello everyone I am new to pix4d and have used the app for the first time on a mapping course. Today I have taken some images using my mavic 2 Pro and my parrot thermal to use to make a mosaic image of a small airfield.
My mavic images are good 1.75gsd from a height of 63 metres when you zoom right in the focus isn’t perfect but considering its my first time its ok lines and the images look nice and flat which is good.
The issue I have is with my parrot thermal i tried for0.8gsd from a height of 30 metres.
Checking the images with my parrot app everythung seemed fine. Having to leave the parrot app on in the background I moved into pix4d for my automated flight flight completed I look at the photos and I find they are all rounded (look a bit like a bad fisheye lense) I noticed in the photo info the settings of the camera have been altered with respect to the manual setting i started with in the parrot app.
Have I forgotten to change something in the camera settings either in the parrot app or pix4d to cause this issue as trying to stitch these together is going to give very strange results.
If somebody can point me in the right direction it would be great.


Pix4Dcapture will set your camera’s settings depending on your drone’s manufacturer and most of those parameter are set as automatic. The curving of the image is due to the camera lens. To minimize the effect, you can decrease the speed of the drone during the image acquisition. You should also be able to process these images using the Pix4Dmapper software. The software will automatically do the fisheye len correction.