Terrestrial Image processing

I have captured some terrestrial images of a buildings facade. When I choose to import them I get this error. (More than 80 percent of the image coordinates of camera model DSC-RX1RM2_35.0_7952X5304 (RGB) were the same and therefore the corresponding geotags have been discarded). These images were taken as I walked around an office building so I am not sure why they are listed as all the same. Any incite is appreciated. Camera used was a Sony A7RIV

Also I’ll add the images were shot in raw format then converted to jpg in lightroom @ 100% quality and with all exif data chosen. Should I convert to tiff instead?

Hi @tom1,

Please verify if the original images have geolocation information in the EXIF/XMP tags. You can use third-party software like Exiv2 to read tags.

Also, make sure that during acquisition, you are connected to your mobile phone as the Sony A7RIV does not have a GNSS module: