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Processing Elios 2 Data set

I downloaded two Data sets from the Elios 2 indoor inspection drone, to build 3d indoor photogrammetry models. with Pix 4D mapper.

The source of the data was the Flyabitiy website, the company that created the Elios 2.

The models are from indoor spaces, and the pictures have no GPS data.

I use PIX4D Mapper for that modeling because is the recommended software for that process, as both, Flyability an PIX4D clearly state in the webinars.

But I have had problems with all the data sets, as soon as I load the pictures to Pix 4d shows the waring that the pictures have the same geolocation data, and will ignore up to 80% of them. so the result is incomplete.

But when I check the Pix4D models that come with the data set, all the pictures are uploaded and calibrated.

Any suggestions?

Muchas Gracias

Pedro de Greiff G

Hi Pedro,
The warning that you received is PIX4Dmapper informing you that the images do not have the geotags written in the EXIF data. PIX4Dmapper can still process images without this information provided there is enough image content to generate a sufficient amount of keypoints to calibrate an image. As you discovered in your project it worked just fine without this data.