Error when geotagging

We had 2 flights to conduct over a 2 day period. the photos were geotagged but when choosing the csv file with the geotags, pix4d prompts an error message

" More than 80 percent of the image coordinates of camera model DSC-RX1RM2_35.0_7952X5304 (RGB) were the same and therefore the corresponding geotags have been discarded".

Does anyone have insight on what can be causing this error? This is the first time I’m prompted with this message. I’m able to geotag if I select only the first flight first. but when trying to geotag the 2nd days flight, this error comes up? any ideas? thanks for help in advance.

Hi @atelles,

Do you see the geotags in the Image Properties Editor window after importing the CSV? Make sure that the file names for the second day are not the same as on the first day.

Is it possible to share with us 10 images of the second day and the CSV?
You can upload the data here (the link works only for you @atelles)