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Syncing Images with DJI Mavic Pro

Dear Pix4d,


I have got a DJI mavic and had a try with pix4dcapture on Android. Here is a problem. The way point flight in the mission was going fine but app didn’t sync photos. Every time a mission finished, I check the project in the app and there are no photos there, but I can find them in mavic’s sd card. So I can only process photos through pix4d desktop rather than uploading them to the cloud.  Did I miss something during the pre-setting? 




Hi Chaoming,

Synchronizing consists in generating the .p4d file and transferring the images from the drone to the mobile device. This can be done on the field right after the mission or later in the office:

Synchronizing and uploading to the cloud is not required to process locally on a computer. Processing with or without the .p4d file that is generated after synchronizing, does not make a difference in terms of results with Pix4D desktop with your drone. For more information:

It is always possible to process from scratch and create a new Pix4D project on your local machine by importing the images saved on the drone. For more help on how to proceed:


Thanks for that answer…but I have EXACTLY the same problem

And even understanding is not necessary, I would like to know if possible, why the flight and mission is correctly and perfectly (thanks Pix4D) executed, the pictures are taken, but neither the upload from Mavic to device is done (although the symbol says it is) and consequently the upload to the cloud is not done either…


Could we find a solution for this?





Hi Daniel,

If the synchronization failed or was interrupted the first, it happens that the mission cannot be synchronized again or re-started. To get the images of the mission we would suggest to follow option C of this article:

Then if you want to upload to the cloud we recommend to:

  1. Go to
  2. Select the solution corresponding to your current valid license.
  3. In the Project list, click Upload new dataset.
  4. Click Upload files and drag and drop the images.
  5. Once the upload is completed, click Start processing.
    You will receive an email as soon as the project is completed.


Oh! Thanks so much for the super fast answer and attention…

Not all other companies are taking care of their customer the same way you are doing! THANKS!

But, although I agree with you, and that´s what I did (option C way)…it would be great if we all could know what is going on with our Pix4D capture for not taking the final part of the mission done (p4d file, upload from drone…) because maybe is something we can fix.

Assuming we are using the latest version of everything (firmware, software, app, …)…what is happening? How could we fix it? Especially because as you said the mission stays like paused on the phone and cannot be retaken again…(Yes, I know we can copy and create another exact same one…)

Well…just trying to help to fix some bugs


Thanks a lot



Dear Daniel and Staff from Pix4d Support,


Thanks for all your comments. I agree with Daniel. Pix4d capture is an usable app on the mobile device which offers the easiest flight path planning tool. If the synchronization could be further optimized, the app will be perfect for the fieldwork. Please keep me informed about latest update.






I tried the Mavic and Pix4Dcapture app on iOS.

There are some issues with the focusing. Tried Circular and Double grid Missions.

Almost all of the picture taken were out of focus.

I also get some-kind of sync error when the mission is over but the .p4d file is created.

Hope it will be fixed.

Well…Cristian Glaja
The problem with the focus is, that as you know, the Mavic doesn´t focus automatically…so you have to set manually everything before the flight with Pix4D…and then no problem with that.
If the flight doesn´t change the altitude, and you only take orthogonal pictures, that´s ok.
If it is a circular flight…you can find more difficulties.

But at the end, is the same. Just adjust the setting to manual and set the appropriate focus distance with DJI GO, and then you won´t have any problem with that. This is only about the Mavic…not Pix4D


Related to the sync error…at least you have the p4d file! I never got it…and have to do everything manually.

Yes, we all are waiting for them to get these details fixed…

Thank you all for the feedback!

@Daniel and Chaoming
We agree that the optimal workflow is to synchronize the mission (and eventually to process on the cloud) so that it generates .p4d file that you can directly click to open on your computer. Rest assured we are always working on making this workflow more stable even though the .p4d file is not required to process. It has no impact on the reconstruction of the model in terms of quality or accuracy.

What Daniel suggested is correct. Some users have the following workflow: Assign C1 button to focus, fly the drone manually to the altitude where the flight is supposed to take place, press C1 before starting the mission with Pix4Dcapture.


I sent the P4D file to my computer and tried to open it in Pix4DMapper Pro, we have an educational license.  I sent the p4d to my desktop from my iPad mini and when I go to open it I get an error Error e0400e Cannot open project… Cannot convert the Project file to the latest format. The iPad mini updated Pix4Dcapture on March 16 2017 and my desktop updated Pix4D Mapper today.  I am flying a Mavic Pro.

Hi Kory,

Do you download the project file (including the .p4d file) from Pix4D Cloud?

Which version of Pix4D Desktop to do you have installed?

Actually the software versions are not retro-compatible meaning that, as an example, version 1.0.1 is not compatible with 1.0.0 or that version 2.1.0 is not compatible with 2.0.0. Not compatible means the project cannot be re-opened after being created or processed with a more recent version.

This is what happened. The Cloud processed with 3.2.15 and the latest Pix4D Desktop version for Mac is 3.0.18. Therefore is fails when opening the .p4d file downloaded from the cloud.

To access the different versions of the software, please visit:


I have version 3.2.9 it is an educational license.

So I am guessing, since our upgrade capabilities ended in January, I can not use Pix4D unless we purchase another support and upgrade license?  

The Project, that is in the cloud, has an error, I am guessing since the images do not upload from the mavic.


Hi Kory,

It is correct, if you want to have access to later Pix4D Desktop version it is needed to have valid Support and Upgrade (S&U). You can contact our colleagues for more information:

Note that to upload to our cloud, it is also necessary to have S&U because the cloud processes the latest version of the software. Therefore your account does not allow you to upload to the cloud from Pix4Dcapture.