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help me understand image synchronization from pix4dcapture

Hello –

I am flying a Phantom 4 and using Android. I am collecting about 150 photos per mission and running about 10 missions per day. (Or, will be soon… just practicing for this field campaign right now).

Synchronization so far has been so slow that I’ve always stopped it. But honestly, I don’t understand what syncing is doing. Is it moving the full res photos to my phone? Is it moving them directly to pix4d cloud? Neither of these seem desirable at all to me given phone hard disk space and cellular connection to cloud. However, it seems that the pix4d workflow is optimized for syncing (in contrast to simply copying and pasting collected images from SD card and “manually” importing into pix4d desktop). 

Another question: Is there long-term (i.e., quality of the final product, or computational efficiency) benefit to syncing rather the copying and pasting?

Can someone help to clarify this workflow, particularly since I’ll be running missions for days-at-a-time without an internet or cellular access?



Not sure of your work flow, so I’ll describe my reasoning.

Collecting on multiple sights per-day and working around airspace and weather issues there is little time for syncing in my work flow.

Wearing Mission Planner, RPIC, Observer, Collecting data from multiple aircraft, Data management and field Data QA Hats!!

Not much time for syncing, but I must assure that the data is pulled from each airframe organized and stored safely, also perform phase one processing if possible so follow-on processing will yield satisfactory result.

Recommend you bring you laptop and the best data storage system you can to the field and forgo synchronizing to your smart device!

Sorry if completely missed your question!

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Hi Gary –

At the very least you’ve made me feel better about not syncing. Still, I’d like to know more about why one might want to spend the time to sync and where the files are syncing to (i.e., are full res photos going to my phone? to the cloud?). Are there large benefits that I won’t be realizing? So far, I’ve suffered not clear downsides by not syncing.