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Post Mission Syncing

Hi all…So I just flew a mission…around 400 photos on a fairly large grid.  All went well … the grid was completed and the drone starting heading home.   I had the on-screen message “Syncing Images-Do not turn off drone”.   Then I suddenly got a ‘Sync Failed’ message.   I think this may have resulted from a lack of space on my android (Samsung S5).   BTW I am flying a P3S.  

Anyway I got home…deleted loads of crap from my phone…charged everything up and tried to copy images from drone.  Everything connected ok…I got the ‘Copying Images From Drone’ message in the mission box…and around 4 1/2 hours later batteries are looking pretty depleted and no change…???  

Could anyone advise what may be going wrong or whether (surely not?!!?) it could take that long to sync images?



Hi Roger,

The synchronization can sometimes fail systematically if the first attempt failed.

Synchronizing consists in generating the .p4d file and transferring the images from the drone to the mobile device. This can be done on the field right after the mission or later in the office. However, it is still possible to process from scratch and create a new Pix4D project on your local machine by importing the images saved on the drone.

For more help on how to proceed (Option C):

Note that processing with or without the .p4d file does not make a difference in terms of results with Pix4D desktop.
For more information:

Then if you want the project to be processed on the cloud it is still possible to do it from your computer once you have the images extracted from the drone’s SD card.

To upload the images to the cloud and process on our servers:

  1. Go to
  2. Select the solution corresponding to your current valid license.
  3. In the Project list, click Upload new dataset.
  4. Click Upload files and drag and drop the images.
  5. Once the upload is completed, click Start processing.


Hi madam,

How to stop drone after flying synchronization…

Hi Chandru,

To deactivate the automatic synchronization, just go to the general settings of Pix4Dcapture from the Home screen. For more information: Android, iOS.


You say that, “processing with or without the .p4d file does not make a difference”, but it does make a really big difference with files from Spark drones – it’s really the only way I’ve found of using that drone for photogrammetry since the geotags on the Spark do not include milliseconds and the Pix4D project file logs the GPS data for each photo accurately.

The only way to work around this when projects don’t sync correctly (which has been every single time I’ve used the app) is to rename the images to match the names in the log, which is a pain.

It would be really nice if there was some way to resume syncing a project from the drone.


-Donald Newlands

Hi Donald,

The synchronization should be resumed if it stopped for some reason.

I am not sure what DJI writes the image EXIF. However, the coordinates written in the .p4d file that is generating after syncing are copied from the EXIF. Therefore, if the EXIF coordinates are not accurate, I would expect the same for the .p4d coordinates. Both are recorded by the drone’s GPS.

Did you try to create a Pix4D project with Spark images from scratch? Do yo have a quality report to share to better understand the problem with the coordinates/geotags?