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Sync Failed

I am using a P3Pro with Ipad and capture, I recently completed a project which was divided into five missions, do to size. Only the first mission completed the Synchronization successfully, all other “Failed”. I have had no luck Sync’ing the missions after the fact. What is the issue? I do have GCP’s but would prefer the accuraccy and efficiency of geolocation. How can I fix this project and is there anything I can do to help prevent this in future projects.

Hello Timothy,

Sorry for the late answer.

It’s possible sometimes to experience failures during the synchronisation that is automatically triggered at the end of the mission, but you should be able to restart and complete the synchronisation from the Mission Manager. In case you’re still experiencing the issue, what you can try is:

  • Turn off and on your drone and controller

  • Restart the application

  • Enter in the Mission Manager and try to synchronise again your missions

Also, note that synchronising the mission with your device is improving geolocation accuracy only for images taken with P2V+ and 3DR Solo. Since you’re using a P3P, processing with or without the .p4d is equivalent, meaning it does not impact the reconstruction of the model.

You can find more information on how to efficiently process images that were captured with the app, here:–Android-and-iOS-Is-the-p4d-file-required-for-processing