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Synchronization issues

Hey -

Syncing third mission flight from mavic to iphone 6s±
Generated file then stopped syncing after First photo-

Couldnt get it to start syncing after that-
Think its that the third mission photo starts at no. 825 for 333 photos
And dji auto numbering stops at 1000 then makes a new folder starting at no 1 again for the balance of the mission in next folder-

Will clean card before next flight but for syncing this one-
Should i delete the photos from the previous missions already synced and keep the seperate folders as generated by dji? Or will i need to get all photos into one file folder?

Hi Patrick,

The synchronization is part of the workflow but it can happen that it fails time to time. We believe that this is not a systematic problem since it is not possible to reproduce it in 100% of the cases. It might be unstable in some cases. The synchronization consists in generating the Pix4D project file (.p4d) and transferring the images from the drone to the mobile device. Once the synchronization failed, it is very rare that it can be initiated again and become successful.

There is for now no other option but to extract the images from the SD card of the drone and create a new project.
For more information:

Note that processing with or without the .p4d file makes no difference in terms of results with Pix4D software:

We are not sure to understand your question, but you refer to the folders on the DJI SD card, a flight can have images on several folders this is not an issue. Once you have copied the images to your computer, you can simple remove them to free space on the SD card.