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Pix4dCapture - (Phantom 4 Advanced, Android) Image events stacking on turnaround points

I am having images stack up on my turnaround points when using my Phantom 4 Advanced through the Android app. Is there a way to fix this before or after acquisition to get a more even distribution through my data? See attached images. 

Hi Drew,

Using Pix4Dcapture with Android, the behavior you mention is expected. Indeed, the way the pictures are triggered is based on a time lapse. As a consequence, images can be very close to each other in terms of visual content. This is especially visible in the corners when the drone slows down whereas the time lapse is fixed.

When synchronizing the mission, redundant or blurry images (when the drone turns in the corner) are discarded. Therefore, there are more images on the drone’s SD card than on the mobile device and in the .p4d file. Note that by default, the automatic synchronization is activated. If the sync fails or is aborted, it can be still initiated or restarted later.

Note that It is recommended to process the images using the .p4d file generated by the app (if available). If not using the automatic synchronization (no .p4d file generated), it is still possible to process the images transferred from the drone SD card (after discarding blurry ones).