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Support for DJI Zenmuse P1

Hello, I have a question for React.

I created XML with the specifications of ZenmuseP1 camera and imported it as a camera parameter file.

The following error appears:

Could you tell me what the problem is?
I upload the XML file I made as an attachment.

File.xml (1.3 KB)


I checked your .xml file and from first inspection it looked good to me.
The next step would be, to send us 5 or more images of your dataset so we could check on our site what the issue is.

What you could try on your side:
Check the name of the camera in the EXIF data and if its the same in your .xml file.

Kind regards,


I put the model, focal distance, and photo size in exif in order, so it’s processed without any problem.
Thank you.

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I’m glad to hear that it works now. Would you be so kind, and provide the corrected .xml file to us?
Thank you.

File.xml (1.3 KB)
corrected xml for further reference

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Great, thanks for sharing!

Hi, I am trying to use p1 images in PIX4d React.

How did you upload the xml file so it would work?

otherwise i am getting the same error as you were at the top.

Hi, you can see how to import the XML file here: How to generate an XML file to process an unsupported camera in Pix4Dreact – Support It is described at the end of that article.

Thankyou, i got it.

Im also unable to export a GeoTIFF currently. I keep getting Error R0155 and cannot find any way around it.




Can you please upload the log files? How to export log files from PIX4Dreact – Support