Suggestions to Improvements to Annotation


When we identify something on the map and create an Annotation if we want to transform it into a concrete action for a drone mission or other machine, we are able to generate the Shapefile but without the rate or value information for application.
Another shortcoming is that if this Annotation is on the edges of a Bondary you need to redraw it perfectly for area and input estimates. If there was an option to perform a Trim based on Boundary it would make this job much easier.

I understand that we have Zonation in the system that works very well with machines that have a variable rate but it is also necessary to create an action for the entire Boundery.
Annotation could be used for more specific situations or that the operator wants to do manually.

Thank you,

Dear agladio,

thanks for you feedback. We are working on this topic right now, so its great to hear your ideas.
It will probably take some time, but this will be solved and very powerful for you use case.