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Cloud - Need Ability to group Annotations and Dimensions

like the tittle says guys. It would be great to be able to group annotations and also copy them from the MAP to the 3D MODEL (having to re-tag the same items),

Dimensions should be shown on the MAP at all times and should be able to be turned off. 

Maybe I am asking for too much out of the web interface, but we are about to get several projects in which we will use the web-interface to collaborate. I am more than happy to discuss this with the dev team.

Additionally It would be great to download those annotations and comments.


Hi Cesar,

Those are very interesting suggestions indeed, thanks. For each of your feature requests, I have added an item to the following list:

  1. Group annotations/measurements.

  2. Synchronise 2D and 3D annotations/measurements.

  3. Display measurements label in the 2D view, with the ability to turn them on and off. 

  4. Download annotations/measurements.

Would you mind creating a dedicated post in the “Product feedback” section for each of them, so other Pix4D users can comment and eventually upvote the single feature request? That would help us a lot. If you need help, just let me know.




We just released a set of new features on Pix4D Cloud that will be probably helpful for you: Export annotations, edit annotation colors and much better BIM CAD overlay. 

Also, it is not mentioned in the release notes post, but you will see that the values of linear and areal measurements are now displayed directly on the map.

Feel free to share your feedback with us!

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^ your links are not working. Can you please update?


Oops, it should work properly now :slight_smile:


awesome, thank you for listening !!