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Annotation display in the 3D view - feature request

Good Morning Pix4d, 

I would like to request that as a “feature request” when looking at the 3D model, that the information obtained from annotations such as areas for instance on the roofs below can can displayed in 3D somehow.  This will certainly help in the creation or our reporting. I know this is available on the map view, but 3D is a much better way to communicate. 

I am a paid customer of Pix4DBIM, I see this as a much needed software capability.

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Hey Cesar,

Thanks for reporting this, I guess we will discuss it more in details during our call.

It would be great to know if there are other Pix4D Cloud users interested in the feature though. Let’s see if someone else wants to add some comments or suggestions on displaying measurements and details directly in the 3D view.



I am very interested in show casing the volumes and call outs over a fly through video. 

Hi Mattia, I’ve talked to you offline about this in the past, but I thought I would raise my hand on this request as well.  I think it’s kind of a “how deep down the rabbit hole…” sort of situation.  


I think that we’re all looking for what would essentially be a robust cloud-based GIS platform. I think that the work Pix4d has done on your cloud platform in the last year puts some other companies *cough*ESRI*cough* to shame.   Improved digitizing & export options in the cloud would be great, as would flexible upload options for overlays (like georeferenced PDFs or DWG/DXF files).  I think that would add in-house usefulness to the platform, and requests like Cesar’s above would take the platform further down the track towards being something that less tech savvy clients could use and display.  

Here’s a link to an example I put together on Esri’s ArcGIS Online cloud platform, as a 3D scene.  It was painful to get this working in their online platform, and it still leaves a lot to be desired.  I don’t have it enabled on this web scene, but they do have an option for feature labels called “Callouts” that perfectly describes what Cesar is asking for.  

Edit: I meant to add that I have 1,000% more faith in Pix4d’s ability to provide a functional cloud GIS platform than ESRI, so I’m really hoping that you all take the leap. 

Thanks a lot, Derrick for your faith in Pix4D’s ability to evolve and provide valuable solutions to our professional users.

As you can all imagine, the number, the variety and the flavor of features that could be added to Pix4D Cloud platform is close to infinite - prioritizing is crucial to make sure we’re delivering to all our users the most valuable functionalities in the shortest time possible. One step at a time, we’re moving towards providing you with everything you need to share, explore and measure the highly accurate assets you produced with Pix4D photogrammetry algorithms.

Going back to the specific requests, what I can share is that 3D labels, upload georeferenced layers, and additional export options are on our roadmap, so there will be exciting things happening in the near future.


stay tuned for some new tools and improved functionalities coming very soon on Pix4D Cloud :slight_smile:


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Good to hear, thanks Mattia.  Please send me an email if you need some Alpha/Beta testers involved.  I think that I’m already in your beta testers group, but I never use the beta desktop releases because I don’t want to be processing contracted work on a beta release.   I’d enjoy testing out the beta cloud features, though. 

I think this would be a very useful feature