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Export annotations, edit annotation colours and, much better CAD overlay for BIM

This new release brings in three significant features: annotations custom colors, annotations export and a new CAD overlay tool for our Pix4Dbim Cloud application.

Annotations custom colors

We added the capability to change the color for each of your 2D and 3D marker, distance or area annotation. You can select a single annotation to open the right panel and pick the color you prefer to create different annotations’ categories or merely to make it stand out better from the other layers.

Annotation export

The annotations you have added to your 2D map or 3D model can now be exported in three different formats: CSV, GeoJSON, and Shapefile.

Export them as CSV to retrieve all your measurements in a single click or export them as Shapefile or GeoJSON to review and analyze them in your favorite GIS software.

When exporting to these formats, the annotations attributes (for example, their description and their length), are exported along with their geometries so you will never lose any information.

New CAD overlay tool (Pix4Dbim)

Because we understand precision is critical, we have reworked the way you import and overlay your CAD drawings. You can accurately position your CAD drawing in a few steps:

  1. Click on CAD Overlay on the left panel
  2. Upload your drawing(s) as image (png, jpg) or pdf
  3. Position the blue and the red markers on a reference point on your drawing
  4. Position the markers on the corresponding reference point on the map

If your drawing has a white background, it will be automatically displayed as transparent on the map. Use the opacity slider to make the remaining lines transparent when needed.

Here is a short video that explains the new behavior: 

Bug fixes

  • The list of current uploads is now properly scrollable.

Great features, thanks!


Thank you listening Pix4D