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New powerful tools to better organize and manage your annotations and measurements

Pix4D Cloud applications are being constantly improved with new tools and enhancements to increase your productivity when processing, viewing and analyzing your geospatial data.

With this update, we are introducing new powerful tools to get the most out of your annotations and measurements. On Pix4Dmapper Cloud it is now possible to create new annotation layers and use them to better organize your distance, area, volume and elevation measurements.

Once you have created your annotation layers, moving annotations from one layer to the other is extremely easy - select the annotation you want to move and simply drag and drop it in the destination layer.

You might need to export your annotations and open them with a GIS or CAD software. Annotations belonging to one specific layer can be exported independently using the dedicated button now available in the left panel

The color of the annotations is now shown in the left panel so it is easier to associate what is displayed on the map and what is listed in the layers panel.


After creating a polygon annotation it is possible to convert it to a volume measurement by clicking on a dedicated button available in the left panel.

Use the new “ Focus ” button to focusing on a specific annotation, either in 2D or 3D.


Try out the new annotations management tools on one of our demo projects.



when will these tools be avilable?

Hi Trygve,

Those tools are avaliable since the 13th of February to the Pix4Dmapper cloud version. In case you are using Pix4Dbim cloud, the improvements have not been added yet. However it’s gonna change in the near future. :wink:



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