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Suggestions on tablets

Hey all.

I’ve been using a Samsung Galaxy Tab A for flying my DJI Go4Pro with Pix4D. However, the app often freezes mid flight and heats up quite a bit. While this doesn’t affect the flight, as the mission is uploaded to the drone, but it can be annoying, and it makes missions annoying.


Any suggestion on the best tablet options (android or IOS) to upgrade to?



Hi Jason,

We don’t recommend officially any mobile devices at the moment. Our application will work on most of the recent iOS or Android mobile devices.

About Android few compatibility issues have been raised in the past. Hardware can vary a lot when running Android OS and it is impossible to support all different device configurations. Issues seem to occur especially with devices having x86 architecture and running Android version 6.x.

Also, lags It can be related to the mobile device itself as chipset/CPU architecture may probably induce this kind of behavior. It can also be related to the Android version installed on the phone/tablet. Lags do note prevent the missions to be accomplished.

We encourage users to share their configuration here (mobile device, OS version) and if they also experiment lags using it.