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Nexus 9 Tablet and Capture App

I’m still having issues with the Capture app on my Nexus 9 tablet. The app crashes even when not connected to the Phantom. From what I can tell, the tiling feature is not working, and the app is attempting to bring in all the imagery at once. The tablet gets very hot from working so much, and not only the app freeze up, the entire tablet goes into a restart mode. If anyone has any tricks on how to overcome this problem, I’m very interested to know. My thought was to get the mission made, then turn of wi-fi before engaging in the grid mission, but I cannot even get to that point.

Hi Joseph,

We noticed that other users are also having issues with the Nexus. We have just released a new version (v2.0.5) of the beta yesterday and we have corrected some bugs. Could you try with this new version?

Also make sure that the DJI Go app is not running in the background of your device and close it properly. It can make the Capture App unstable.

Let us know if it works better!

Best regards,

Do you still have this problem?


I’m in Wisconsin, and in the midst of winter.  I’m more or less in a holding pattern until the weather breaks. I did try connecting to the app in December and while there was no crash, I could not get the platform to connect to the app. I must admit that I’ve had more success connecting  with the Map Pilot ap (Maps Made Easy) on my Ios devices. I do plan on giving this another connection test soon, and will be sure to post the results as I’d much rather go with a Pix4D based app for my research and teaching.


Thats the same boat im in with my Note 5. I cant get it to connect to the capture app.

Hi all,

Have you tried more recent versions of the app? Are you still facing the same connection issue?

We have recently released Pix4Dcapture 3.0.1 on Android.
Release notes:

If you wish and have time to give it a try, we would be glad to read your feedback.