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All crashing continually

Hi everyone. I’m running the beta android P3P app on a nexus 9 tablet (not my Preferred iPad). The problem I have is that the app is unstable to the point of being unable to start a mission never mind complete one.

I had a job yesterday and was forced to use the DJI Go app and take my grid pictures manually. Obviously this means a headache getting everything referenced now. 

Is the issue the tablet being useless? Or am I missing something? 

I’m running the latest android, on an HTC nexus 9, and i,'m a registered beta tester. The app appears to be the beta version because I can select the P3P from the drop down menu.

Thanks for any help guys.

I tend to have to turn on usb debugging, turn off rinse repeat until it doesn’t error out for my inspire 1. I noticed it will finally work when my phone gives it permission to access usb as an accessory


Hi Ross,

We noticed that other users are also having some issues with the Nexus. Yesterday we have released a new version (v2.0.5) of the beta and it corrects some bugs. Could you try with this new version?

Also make sure that the DJI Go app is not running in the background of your device and close it properly. It can make the Capture App unstable.

Let us know how it works!

Best regards,

Thanks for getting back to me Pix4D Support. Just updated and tried the app in the house and it already seems much, much better! Much more fluid and it hasn’t crashed yet. Unfortunately it’ll be the other side of the weekend before i can get it flight tested, but i’ll leave some feedback once i have.

i don’t have the DJI Go app on the Nexus tablet. It’s on my iPad Air 2, which is by far my favoured platform. 

Keep up the goos work guys and get the iOS app into beta!

thanks again, Ross