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P3 fell from the Sky while mapping

Hi all,  We have just had a massive crash of our P3  and it totally trashed the camera. It fell out of the sky from 20m up.

We have up dated to the latest firm wear so that we can do mapping using Pix4d and Dronedeploy. We were doing a grid mission using pix4d and the phone app crashed. We rebooted the app then tried to take control using the RC then the droned just turned itself off and fell out of the sky.

Has anyone got any ideas of what went wrong?

Hi Scott,

We are really sorry to hear about the crash of your drone.

The app may be a bit unstable and crash but it should not make the drone crash. How did you try to take manual control of the drone? Did you set the PAF switch to the P position?

Which drone did you used? Is it a Phantom 3 Pro or Advanced?

Could you let us know which phone you used (brand, model and Android operating system version)?

Could you send us the pix4dmapper.log file of the app to so that we can see if something went wrong in the app? It is usually located in the Picture folder of the phone when you connect it via USB to the computer.

Best regards,