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Drone crash while using Capture app. Need help

I was hoping to get some help in trying to figure out what went wrong with a recent flight mission.
This is the second time within a year that one of our Phantom 4 Pro’s has suddenly fallen out of the sky while using the Pix4D capture app.

Does anyone know how to view the flight logs from the capture app?
We tried submitting a warranty request to DJI last time this happened.
After a month of them having our drone, they decided not to cover it under warranty, yet when asked why the drone fell from the sky they didn’t have an answer.

Ive uploaded the flight log here.

EDIT: I figured out how to view the SDKlogs and it appears that there was an error:
[Not Enough Force/ESC Error (repeated 50 times)]

What would cause this?
The props are all intact. Thankfully, the drone fell into a snowbank from 50 m AGL and there is zero visible damage.
After drying it off and allowing it to sit overnight, a test flight the next day went as planned.
It hovered in place with no issue, took pictures, the camera and gimbal are both fine.

Could it be a faulty ESC board in the drone?
Trying to get a “cause of the crash” from DJI proved to be a useless endeavor last time.

DJIFlightRecord_2019-11-28_[09-49-47].txt (585.2 KB)