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Phantom 4 dropping from the sky

Has this happened to you? I decided to try out Pix4Dcapture. Ran a few missions and everything was fine. Went to load another, and it was struggling with the camara settings. Went to take off and for some reason it wouldn’t go to the required altitude. Decided to give it a boost with the controls for the altitude and it still wouldn’t climb. So decided to bring it down. Pressed down on the controls and it began to descend. When around 6m to the go the engines cut out and it slammed to the concrete in 5 pieces. I just got this P4Pv2 a few months ago. Does anyone know anything I could do or am I out a brand new drone.

Hello @jboilfieldinternational, Sorry to hear about it. It looks like the issue is related to the drone itself. So, I would suggest you to contact DJI and see if they can help you to find the cause for the failure.