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Compatible android tablet for Phantom 4 Pro and PIX4D capture


I just bought a new Samsung galaxy tab s2 and doesn’t cant connect to DJI go app and Pix4D capture. I tried using different different cables with no success at all. Has anyone actually used an android tablet to run PIX 4D capture on phantom 4 pro? 

Hi Antonio,

Have you also downloaded Ctrl+DJI.

Best Wishes,


Yes I did. I have been using Vivo phone, Asus and other phones and works well. I bought a Glaxy Tab 2 for bigger screen and really dissapointed when it didnt work. How about the new DJI Crystal sky controllers? Does it work for PIX4D?


There are more users reporting issues when using Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. We recommend trying out this instruction. Let us know if it solves the problem.

At the moment we can not officially confirm that Pix4Dcapture works on the DJI Crystal Sky because we did not officially test it here in the office. I recommend you to post the question on the community in order to get some feedback from users that tried it out: