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Step 3 (3.DSM, Orthophoto and Index) is not activated

I have a problem with managing my images.
Point 3 (3.DSM, Orthophoto and Index) is not activated.
I have the 15 day trial version.
I have tried many avenues, but I cannot activate it.
What is the problem?

I see from your screenshot that you are logged in Pix4Ddiscovery mode (our free version of the software that does not allow the processing of step 3). Could you please try to log out and log in again? During the logging in process, the software will ask you what license you want to activate and you should select your Pix4Dmapper trial license (Not Pix4Ddiscovery).

Hello Christina,

Why I’m not able to get 15-day extended trial version?
I only have discovery.
Thanks for the reply.

I send you an attachment.

Hello, you can ask for a Pix4Dmapper trial license from your Pix4Ddiscovery interface:

or contacting our sales team