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Start Processing Not Working


New to PIX4d Cloud Advance. I have uploaded a sample set of NADIR photos and a ground control CSV files. All seem to have uploaded correctly. I can see the photos and I have a message to say my GCPs and Checkpoints have uploaded. Now when I press the ‘Start Processing’ button, nothing happens?

Am I missing something or is there a problem with the system. I have tried using different browsers. Should I get some notification the process has started or how do you know?

When uploading photos there was a tab to "auto start’ processing which was activated.

Thank you in advance.

Hi Mark,

We have already been in contact via ticket system but I will share the information here as well, in case more users had experienced the same.

We didn’t support decimal values for the diagonal size of the GCP targets and the project resulted in an error status.

Update: the team has just released a fix for this and we do support decimal values from today! In your next projects you can define an input value with or without decimals. In both cases, the value will be accepted and the project will start processing.

Great, thank you Alice. I removed decimal place and it processed with no problems. Very nice that you already implemented a change to the GCP algorithm to recognize decimal places. Not that we are able to get sub centimetre results but nice to know a decimal place wont stop the processing!!!

Thank you,


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Hello Mark,

Thank you very much for your comments.
I just would like to mention that even though you can now use decimals, the target size does not need to have so much accuracy in the definition, around 5-10 cm should be ok. It is not necessary to go to mm level.

Best regards.