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Sharing .kml files generated from pix4d desktop

Has anyone had success sharing .kml files of colored index maps?  When the .kml file is generated it looks for the .png file of the index map in the directory on my machine, so I am able to load the file into google earth and see the overlay on my computer, but when sharing the file with farmers or consultants they are unable to view the overlay because the directory of the .png overlay is not on their device.  Apparently there is a bug and Pix4D is going to work on the problem, but does anyone know of a workaround?  Specifically to be able to open the file directly on a phone or tablet.




Dear Gabe,

The .kml file for the colored index map is not an officially supported output. We use the kml generation pipeline to align our colored index map outputs. Since this produces a .kml by default, we do output it as well since it comes for “free”. However, this behavior could change in the future (since this is not an intended output), and we do not recommend relying on this particular output. 

Best regards,