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Exporting Coloured Index Map

How do i export coloured index map as a kml without it stretching when opened in google earth



Hi Alice,

We have received your request by email. We will get in touch with you there :wink:

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Is it possible to export an Index map to KML in Pix4d Fields?




Hi Bill,

Unfortunately not.  You can export both field boundaries and zonation as KML, GeoJSON or Shapefiles.  The index map, orthomosaic and digital surface model are in geotiff format.  The reason is that a geotiff is raster data whereas the other are vector data and so the formats compliment this.

Regards, Sam


Thanks for the answer. I’m curious what technology is being used when one exports a “google” KML Map in pix4dmapper.




Hi Bill,


I apologize, but I am not sure I understand the query. What do you mean by what technology? Do you refer to algorithms or the workflow?


Thank you for the details,


My apologies. For not being clear. In pix4d mapper you can export a kml tile directory that shows the ortho Mosaic on the surface of the earth in Google earth. I’m curious why that technology cannot be applied to exporting and index in the same fashion.




Thank you for the details.

Exporting the NDVI in such format was not considered because of different development decisions. However, we do appreciate your input, and we will transfer your feedback as a suggestion to the product management so it will be considered for the future development. 


Thank you,