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Open index maps on Google Earth


As anyone knows how to open an index map generated on PIX4D, on Google Earth.


Let me explain:

I had generated some index maps on PIX4DMapper (NDVI, NDRE, LCI and so on), and after that, I export the GeoTIFF. My goal is to work the exported index on ArcGIS (create 5 categories and other kinds of stuff) and after that create a layout (on ArcGIS). 

But I remember that will be a nice to have, if the index that I worked on ArcGIS, could be opened on Google Earth as we do with orthomosaic.

My idea is to give the index map to the client and he opened georeferenced upon Google earth with my classification colors.




Hi Bruno,

KML files can be loaded in google earth. I think you need google earth pro version if you want to import geotiff (