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Pix4D fields export problem kml file

Dear Sir / Madam,

If I export a file to kml, and then want to open it in google earth, then only the lines are visible, and the color palette is not visible. I might do something wrong. Awaiting your message,

Yours sincerely, Martin at Hnenepe

Hi Martin,

Unfortunately, you cannot export orthomosaic as KML in Pix4Dfields. You can export both field boundaries and zonation as KML, GeoJSON or Shapefiles.  The index map, orthomosaic and digital surface model are in geotiff format. 

The way to export geotiff is to click on export at the top right corner of the screen. The sidebar with the export options appear. You can export a layer after checking them.

Also, have a look at this for using geotiff in google earth: 

Hope this will help.