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Ortho photo-mosaic with layers ?

Hi !
working hard testing Pix4d I’d like to know whether it’s possible to export a *.png 2D image file with different layers:
-photo-mosaic picture
-map (like Google map)
-contours (as in French wa call ‘coubes de niveau’ ) in 2D
in order to be able to use the transparency in Photoshop that would allow for different uses.
A good example of what I have in mind is

Thank you in advance for your help.
Kind regards

I am not so sure but I think that you just need a tool that can convert a tiff into png without lost of information, but not all the outputs that you mention are in tiff, maybe there are tools to convert them into png, or maybe use software like global mapper or arg gis or autocad to import the different files as layers and set up transparency.

Be able to do make the process faster and more automatic can be great, I checked the site you mentioned, and is very cool stuff!

Hi all,

Pix4Dmapper generates different outputs:

geotiff, kml and html orthomosaics. The kml orthomosaics can be opened in Google Earth and the html file in Google Maps. For more information:

shp, dxf, pdf contour lines files:

geotif DSM (Digital Surface Models)

and many more outputs:

As Henry said, you could open these outputs in any GIS software and visualize them one on top of the other (they will be in different layers).

Best regards,

Great thoughts, I thank you for the useful materials. See also this