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Google Maps KML Export

Hi all,


I’ve gone through the process and exported a KML file for an Orthomosaic.


I’ve been able to import the KML into Google Earth and open up the HTML so that I can see it in Google Maps in my browser.


The problem, is that I can’t think of any reasonable way to share these with others. I can’t bring the KML into Google Maps because of the Network Link that I’m sure is Local to my machine.

Is there a way to get the orthomosaic into Google maps so that it is shareable?

If any needs, I can try to clarify. I’m pretty new to Pix4D



If you want to share you can either send the entire folder to them via Drop Box or create a KMZ from your orthomosaic using Global Mapper or other software.

Does anyone know the steps to accomplish this is Global  Mapper?


It seems that Global Mapper v8.00 and later can import vector data from KML/KMZ format files.

File > Open Data File(s)…, then browse to your KML/KMZ file.

Check it out here: 



I’m waaaaay late to this convo, but just in case anyone else stumbles into this post looking for an answer-


You don’t need global mapper to turn your kml into a kmz. 

  1. Find your kml in your pix4d project folder (3_dsm_ortho\2_mosaic\google_tiles)

  2. Select the .kml AND ALL OF THE FOLDERS 

  3. Right click, Send to --> compressed (zipped) folder.

  4. After zipping the .kml and all of the folders, change the .zip file extension to .kmz (you need to check the “show file extensions for known file types” option in your windows file explorer if you don’t see the .zip extension)

  5. Done! 


A kmz is basically a google earth zip file. 


I CANNOT believe how easy that is compared to all the BS I went through

:wink: glad it helped someone


do you know how to upload kml file to my maps or how to publish it on website in another way?

I was trying to upload to my maps and have still an error: 

Network link to kml file is not available or was not formatted as kml file.