Share kmz file

 Hi. I have tried to share a KMZ file generated by an ortomsaic but it hasn’t been possible. I have followed the steps shown in this link:

I can open normally in the Pix4d but so when I try to save the KMZ file generate a file of just  1Kb of size and it opened in google earth in other computer without images like file attached. Which could be the problem?

Hello Jorge,

Could you please tell me which out of the 3 methods are you using to generate the KMZ file?

Do you face any issues when trying to open the KML in Google Earth in the computer that it was generated?



I am usig the metods by  using google earth and compressing the files and it doesnt work. In the computer tha is generated the KML file open ok


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Hello Jorge,

Please use method C of the article. This method works fine.

You are right though regarding method A. The kmz file fails to open in another computer.
We will update the article the soonest possible.
Apologies for any inconvenience caused.


Thank you but I don’t have access to  any  external GIS software. What about the B option? It doesn’t work for me.


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Jorge Herrera

Hello Jorge,

We have updated our article about sharing the KML file as it was outdated. It seems that the first 2 methods described in the article were not valid anymore.

You can follow the new method stated in the article now. You should simply compress the folder and share it. This should work now.
Apologies for the inconvenience.