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I cannot generate kml file

Hello to all i try to generate a kml file and i cannot find them to output folder ,i follow all the procedure and still nothinhg happen .


Please if anyone knows why answer as soon as possible it is essential for me to to solve it as soon as possible


Did you follow this procedure? 

]( the KML was generated, it should be stored here:

If this does not work out, please post more information about your project, e.g. if there was an error message, what type of images you have,…Thanks!


I make again the procedure as per instructions if this not work again i comment again  here about possible solution

Ok, let us know!

I just notice number 3 choice is red (DSM ORTHOMOSAIC AND INDEX) and for a strange reason index is not generated  you think this is maybe the problem 

Yes, the KML is generated during step 3. DSM, Orthomosaic and Index, if step 3 is red after you tried to process it, it is likely that an error occurred. 

Was there an error message? If there was no pop-up with a message, there should be a trace in the log file (text file in the results folder) or the log output, e.g. : 

If you could post a screenshot of the quality check at the top of the quality report, this could help to detect problems as well, e.g. : 

No errors in logfile except 3 images are not calibrated and GCP


There are 10 blocks in the project. I’d try to fix these and try the kml in step 3 later on. It could be that there is not enough overlap between the images, which results in several blocks. Let us know how the steps below went!

Here is an excerpt of an article ( that describes blocks and how to remove them : 

Multiple blocks : A block is a set of images that were calibrated together. Multiple blocks indicate that there were not enough matches between the different blocks to provide a global optimization (see the graph 2D Keypoint Matches). The different blocks might not be perfectly georeferenced with respect to each other.

What to do :

  • Enabling the option _Rematch _may improve the connection between the blocks. For more information about the _Rematch _option: 205327965.
  • Adding Manual Tie Points between the blocks and reoptimizing can connect the blocks together. For more information: 202560349.
  • Capturing new images with more overlap may be required.