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Cannot generate KML

When I try to generate the KML from my project I get this in the log output. I have no trouble obtaining the geoTiff.

[Processing]: Substep Ortho kml started.

[Processing]: Generate KML tiles

[Error]: Generate KML: cannot warp \<D:/Pix4D/test1,10/3\_dsm\_ortho/2\_mosaic/tiles/test1,10\_transparent\_mosaic\_group1\_1\_1.tif\> to \<D:/Pix4D/test1,10/3\_dsm\_ortho/2\_mosaic/google\_tiles/\_warp.tif\_dst\_tile0.tif\>!

[Error]: Generate KML: warping failed!

[Error]: Generate KML tiles failed!

[Processing]: Substep Ortho kml finished.

[Processing]: ProjectLoaded

I am using Revision 2.1.43 - 64 bit.



Thanks in advance,


I have seen this too.

And I’m too.


Would you share the Quality Report to have a closer look?

Thank you very much.


I’ll jump on to this thread as well. My client would like KML files that he can access locally in addition to the files that he accesses via the Micasense Atlas portal. When the output completes, I get the following errors:

[Processing]: Substep Ortho color gridded dsm finished.

[Processing]: Substep Ortho kml started.

[Processing]: Generate KML tiles

[Warning]: Warning w9020: GDAL Error \<4\> F:/VT Crop Surveys/Hurds Family Farm/Hurds Home Farm/20181010/Hurds Farm - Home Farm - 20181009/3\_dsm\_ortho/2\_mosaic/tiles/Hurds Farm - Home Farm - 20181009\_transparent\_mosaic\_rgb.tif: No such file or directory

[Error]: Generate KML: invalid geotif - expecting RGBA geotif!

[Processing]: Substep Ortho kml finished.

[Processing]: Step3Done

[UI]: Processing Options clicked.

So, it looks like the issue might be the nature of the Micasense RedEdge-M camera, which is multi-spectral. Is there a way to select just the RGB imagery for KML processing?

As my subscription for this month expires in three days, I’d really appreciate a timely response on how to resolve this issue. I’m all done with crop surveys for the year, so I really don’t want to renew for another month just to get the KML output from these surveys.

If I can help Mark, pm me!

Hi Mark,

This is a bit confusing, but these Google Maps Tiles are associated to the orthomosaic (and not to the reflectance map). 

The reflectance map is a standard GeoTiff. It can be opened by any application able to use Tiff files. It is also georeferenced, but the KML files for importing directly in Google Earth are not generated for this particular output. However, you can import the Geotiff on Google Earth, as explained here

A few more important links: (When having more than one group, the Google files will only be generated if one of the groups is named RGB (capital letters). Then the Google files will be generated only for this group)

Hi Momtanu,

Thank you for your reply. On previous surveys I did with the X5 camera on my DJI Inspire 1 Pro, I was able to create KML directly from within the Pix4D project. When I try to do this now using the Micasense RedEdge-M, I get the error message referenced in my earlier post. It looks like the KML process is getting thrown off by the extra IR layers. My hope is to be able to create the KML from within Pix4D without first creating a geotiff, then jumping through the other programs to convert to KML.

Looking at my project, I don’t see any place to change the name of the group to RGB. I didn’t shoot in multiple groups, so maybe that’s why?

I do see an option under the Index Calculator that will allow me to create a GeoTIFF reflectance map, and also choose which indices I want. I’m going to attempt that now and see what results. However, my preference is to generate KML directly from Pix4D.


Hey Mark,

You will get this error for multispectral images as there will be more than 1 band. In image properties editor you will see the groups. In Sequoia, the groups are green, red, rededge,nir. You can change one group name to RGB and generate the kml. But again that will be a long process. So in case of multispectral images, you can use the geotiff in google earth pro or convert the geotiff to kml. This link might be useful: https://support.micasense.com

For some reason, I can’t get the group name of one of the bands to change to RGB. I can request the GeoTIFF images from Atlas, but those won’t import into Google Earth Pro for some reason. I have another command line method for converting GeoTIFF into KML which I will attempt next. Thanks for the suggestions, though!

@Mark I wish you the best! Let us know if that works. Are you getting some error when you try to import the geotiff into google earth pro?